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The Keys are known as a welcoming community, opening its doors to those who want to embrace the lifestyle and make it their home. Some residents are lucky enough to have been born into the community, while others are lucky enough to cross the threshold later in life. Shelby Morris and Amy Bruggeman are two such lucky locals.

Shelby Morris was born in the Keys and raised on the water, with her father being a captain out of Bud N’ Mary’s Marina. Even from a young age, she knew she was lucky to live in a close-knit community and go to a school where nature and neighbors were priorities. As she grew older, she wanted to be even more ingrained in the Keys lifestyle and soon embraced a career that revolved around it.

Amy Bruggeman is the other type of lucky resident. Originally from Pittsburgh, she and her husband raised their kids in Tampa and escaped to the Keys as often as possible. With each trip, they realized they belonged in the Keys. It wasn’t just the undeniable beauty of the Keys- it was the people, the lifestyle that drew them in. So, in 2010, they came home, settling in Key Largo.

Like Shelby, Amy appreciated the Keys community and wanted to contribute to it. She had always worked in real estate in one form or another, including a career in the mortgage business, then as a homeowner’s insurance adjuster, and then as a construction project manager. All career choices were centered around the customer and led her to not only become an effective real estate agent but also a top performer.

Shelby also built upon a foundation that led her to real estate. Her grandfather was a real estate broker in St. Augustine. Every summer, he would show Shelby the ropes, inspiring her to go into real estate investing.  She knew she wanted to invest in real estate and keep her roots in the Keys, as well as help others navigate buying and selling properties.

Embracing their passions, Shelby Morris and Amy Bruggeman became Realtors, and their paths converged early in their real estate careers. They joined American Caribbean Real Estate, an affiliate of Christie’s International, and quickly realized that they represented two main types of clientele: those who grew up here and those who want to live here, whether temporarily or full-time.

Working together, Shelby and Amy can personally relate to and provide the best local insights for their clients. They provide superior full service and accomplish more in less time for their clients, even being dubbed the Open House Queens.

As animal lovers, Amy and Shelby also connected over their involvement with Marrvelous Pet Rescue, where Amy has adopted, Shelby has fostered, and both volunteer and promote the organization regularly. It’s one of several organizations they are actively involved in, including the Key Largo Rotary Club, Take Stock in Children, and the MLS committee on the Florida Keys Board of Realtors.

Shelby and Amy eagerly participate in every local event they can, from sponsoring and attending events to fishing tournaments. They love supporting their community as much as making connections and use those connections to help their clients as well as fellow agents and local businesses.

Unlike agents that niche down, Shelby and Amy are in a unique position to work with every type of client and property. With Shelby’s intimate local knowledge, Amy’s well-rounded career experience, and their hands-on community involvement, they provide luxury service to each and every client.

As part of their full-service business model, Amy and Shelby offer complimentary buyer consultations and free equity checks for sellers. To learn more about how their teamwork can make your dream work call, Amy Brugemann (305)619-0818   &   Shelby Morris (305)393-3686

Jerrica Mah is a writer, Army wife, and freelance book editor, who loves to travel with her family.


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