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At Keys Life Magazine, we enjoy introducing our readers to the wonderful people behind our community’s small businesses. In that same spirit, we’d like to introduce you to our team and highlight some of our services. We wouldn’t have grown into the lifestyle magazine and marketing agency we are today without our talented and dedicated team members and our loyal clients.


Allan Pope
10 years ago, I launched Keys Life Magazine and Marketing to fill a need in our community. I wanted to use my extensive sales experience to help fellow business owners get the attention their businesses deserve. Locals now look forward to getting a Keys Life Magazine in their mailbox every month and have come to trust our brand and the brands we promote. It’s also a wonderful resource that tourists have come to rely on. Our monthly magazine is distributed between Florida City and Mile Marker 38, in Bahia Honda. In total, we distribute 26,000 magazines every month into magazine racks located around high-traffic locations. In addition to our magazine racks, we mail a copy of the magazine to every home, business, and PO box between Ocean Reef and Long Key which further ensures our local community knows about the products and services your business offers. Our magazine racks and direct mail distribution effectively reach potential new customers as well as keep current customers informed. I’d be happy to help you and your business get the recognition you deserve, too, as I have helped hundreds of others do the same. Contact info:


Social Media Manager:
Michelle Pope
Having been a Florida Keys local for 23 years, I have been very lucky to have my friends become clients, and clients become friends throughout the years. My natural gift for networking has evolved into a career that I love as I get to connect customers with our local small business owners. I am responsible for managing our clients’ social media accounts and advertising sales for Keys Life Magazine. I take pride in ensuring my clients’ interactions with the public leave a positive lasting impression while maintaining their branding voice. Through my expertise, I will increase your business brand awareness. This means getting your name out there to potential new customers and building loyalty with existing customers. To create lasting impressions, I avoid solely publishing promotional messages. Instead, I focus on creating content that emphasizes your brand’s personality and core values first. Then, I integrate your products and services into your social media profiles. That’s how I turn your social media pages into a sales-generating tool. If you don’t do this already, I would love to hear from you. Between running your business and trying to squeeze in personal time, I know social media gets put on the backburner but that leaves money on the table. Let me put in the hours and use our proven track record to heat up your social media and bring in more sales for your business.
Contact info:


Sales/Marketing Manager:
Dan McLoughlin
My passion for marketing stems from it being one of the few professions where creativity is truly valued and needed in every form of business. Sales and marketing constantly evolve with life and technology and I enjoy staying up to date on new trends. My role within the company is to devise and implement business strategies personalized to fit our clients’ advertising objectives. One of the many sales and marketing strategies I provide is direct mail campaigns, which can give you the best of both worlds. You can reach your customers offline by sending printed marketing materials, while still giving them the option to connect with you online through QR codes, social media links, and various offers. Online and printed strategies can go hand-in-hand when combined with our custom design services for direct mail marketing. We also offer online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns that allow you to have total control of your budget, targeting, and keywords. You never pay for ad impressions or reach, you only pay for clicks. With ongoing PPC campaign optimization, we find the sweet spot between your budget and results. As this is just an overview of our services, I’d be happy to provide a free consultation anytime to review your marketing objectives.
Contact info: 

We’re Here for You

Through all of our responsibilities, the common thread is helping local business owners reach their goals. We want to help your business get the proper recognition for your products and services and to show off what you offer our wonderful Keys community. Allow our team to bring all eyes on your business with our personalized print and design advertising services. Contact our team at (305)453-6674

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