A Direct Path – Dr. Carlos Boada

Dr. Carlos Boada thought he was on the right path when he started school to become a physician. He knew he wanted to help people and a medical doctor seemed like the obvious choice. However, his university offered him a direct path to become a dentist. He somewhat reluctantly accepted the practical offer but quickly realized it was the path he was meant to be on.

“I was hooked from my first class at dental school,” Dr. Carlos Boada says. “I knew this was how I wanted to help people.”

Dr. Boada sailed through the program, graduating from the Universidad de Bosque in 1996. He practiced as a general dentist in Colombia for several years when he realized he had a weak point in his profession.

“I realized endodontics was my weakness, so I went back to school to turn my worst weakness into my best strength.”

He succeeded, once again graduating from his alma mater and returning to the field as an endodontist, which specializes in oral nerve illnesses and related treatments, like root canals.

Dr. Boada now had the career he wanted in the specialty he wanted, but not in the location he wanted. His path was directing him to the United States, but it wouldn’t be easy.

“It took me seven years to become a dentist in America, from acceptance to taking national boards to two years of residency. I worked as a dental hygienist while I requalified to do my job in the United States,” Dr. Boada explains and then adds with a smile, “It was worth it.”

His wife and daughter moved to the U.S. with him, bravely leaving their family and friends to start a new life together. Thirteen years and an American-born son later, South Florida feels like home, and Dr. Boada has built a successful career here as an endodontist.

As a specialist, Dr. Boada works for several dentist offices, primarily doing his rounds in the Miami area. He met Cristy, the General Manager of Overseas Dental, who recently called him about joining their team.

When Dr. Boada came to Overseas Dental to interview, he was not only impressed with Dr. Maya but also with the quality of the office and team. “All of the doctors at Overseas Dental are highly qualified, and the technology they use is state-of-the-art. It was a no-brainer to join the team.”

Dr. Maya, the founder of Overseas Dental, also thought hiring Dr. Boada was a no-brainer, as he is highly qualified and has decades of experience. Dr. Boada is now officially part of the team, coming to the Keys multiple times a month so locals don’t have to travel for specialty care.

“Everybody should have easy access to top-notch medical care, even if you live on an island,” Dr. Maya says. “That’s why Overseas Dental brings the specialists to the patients here in the Keys.”

And what doctor wouldn’t want to work in the Keys? Dr. Boada and his family love going to the beach and trying new restaurants, and this new position gives them a wonderful excuse to enjoy more of that in the Keys.

Even while working, he gets to learn about the Keys lifestyle through his patients. “The Keys have a very different vibe than Miami, and it’s been very interesting and fun to get to know the patients here.”

Dr. Boada is very grateful for the direct path that led him to a career he loves, to the United States, and, ultimately, to the Keys. To learn more about the general and specialty dental services Overseas Dental offers, visit Overseas-Dental.com or call (305)453-9105.

–Jerrica Mah is a writer, Army wife, and freelance book editor, who loves to travel with her family.


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