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Raised in Miami, Yami and Tony were only 17 and 19 years old when they married. “We were young pups!” Yami laughs. “We had to figure out everything as we went along, but we always did it together.” Together, they figured out how to raise two kids and manage a tinting company.

Tints”N”More has been “eliminating the heat without eliminating the view” for over 37 years now.

Originally based in Miami, Tony and Yami built a large clientele in the Keys, with over 40% of their business conducted here, but it was never the right time to move their family and business to the Keys full-time. It was always “maybe next year” as kids and life kept them rooted.

“Our Keys customers of over 30 years, some as far as Key West, have always wanted us to make the move, and our mainland customers said they’d follow us, but the timing was never right,” Tony says. “Four years ago, the timing was finally right, and we still enjoy the loyalty of all our customers.”


Their kids were grown and Tony and Yami needed a change, especially after Tony suffered a heart attack. They had nothing to lose and everything to gain by moving to the Keys, where they could continue to serve their customers from a more peaceful environment. 

God also seemed to lead the way and even gave them a sign that it was the right time to move. Literally. While driving home from a job in the Keys, Tony spotted a “For Lease” sign in a warehouse in Key Largo. It turns out the sign had been posted less than 30 minutes before, and the landlords had strong connections with one of their long-time clients.

Their client gave them a glowing recommendation, and the lease was soon signed. With a warehouse clearly intended for them and Tony’s health at stake, Yami and Tony followed the perfectly-timed sign and moved their home and business to the Keys in 2018. Tints”N”More is thriving in their new location as customers realize the many benefits of window tinting for their homes, businesses, and boats.

One of the most-enjoyed benefits is a 30% savings in their cooling bill plus a $200 rebate from the Florida Keys Electric Company’s solar energy program. The company’s window tinting is also backed by the nationally-recognized Seal of Recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV Protectant.

“You can feel the room getting instantly cooler as the tint is being hung. Our customers who have struggled for years to keep their homes and businesses cool by installing window coverings (a.k.a. dust collectors) kick themselves for not tinting their windows sooner.”

Gilbert’s Resort was one such customer. The owner hasn’t received a complaint that a room is too hot ever since Tints”N”More installed their films. The reflective option they chose for all 29 rooms facing the water reduces 80% of the heat, controls the glare, and offers 99% UV Ray Protection. Plus, it gives their guests privacy during the day without having to block their view with window coverings.

“People think tinting will darken or block their view, but it doesn’t! In fact, it allows you to enjoy your view with optimum comfort by letting in lots of natural light while reducing heat.”

Window tinting helps protects your artwork, wood floors, furnishings, family photographs, and even decorative window coverings from fading while reducing heat and energy consumption. Best of all, it showcases your view!

Since 1984, the Tints”N”More motto has been “Why Squint When You Can Tint,” and it’s easy to see why. To schedule a free Solar Protection Consultation for your home, business, or marine needs, visit

–Jerrica Mah is a writer, Army wife, and freelance book editor, who loves to travel with her family.


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