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Dr. Diaz has centered his life around three things: faith, family, and medicine. For him, it’s impossible to separate one from another, which is evident both in his home life and professional life. All are intertwined as he raises his 5 children with his wife and grows his medical practice to better serve the community he calls home.

Dr. Miguel Diaz-Miret has had the same goal since founding Islamorada Medical Center: to provide top-of-the-line medical care with a strong personal touch. For years, he and a small yet mighty team of doctors have done just that, but the demand is growing exponentially. “The Keys community continues to grow, but there are not enough doctors to meet the demand,” Dr. Diaz explains. “That’s why we’ve created a training program to expand and enable more physicians to come to the area.”

If Dr. Diaz could, he would treat all of his patients himself, but he’s only one man. He’s realized that he could better serve the community (and his 5 kids) in an educational role, training more doctors to follow in his footsteps. Dr. Diaz understands that Keys patients look for a doctor who not only provides quality care but personalized care. They want to know their doctors, and so does Dr. Diaz. 

“The doctors that join our team have to pass an intense vetting process. They must work at the clinic for 1-3 years before they’re hired, and all physicians come to my house and meet my family. It’s important for me to see how they are both professionally and personally.”

With the new clinic, five family medicine board-certified doctors have joined the team: Dr. Haxhiu, Dr. Guevarra, Dr. Leoni, Dr. Enriquez, and Dr. Gonzalez. The last of which started his vetting process years ago while attending medical school with Dr. Diaz.

When asked why they wanted to work in the Keys, the new doctors all gave like-minded answers that align with Dr. Diaz’s mission.

“I started my training in Iowa,” Dr. Haxhiu explains, “and then requested to do my clinic at IMC because it shares the same small-town feel. There are fewer medical resources in the Keys, but at IMC, I get to provide a full scope of medicine.”

Dr. Guevarra agreed that being able to see, treat, and cure patients locally is the main reason he wanted to work at Islamorada Medical Center. That, and of course, the beautiful setting. Though the doctors spend most of their time in the Keys working, they still enjoy the lifestyle whenever possible. “I was born and raised in Miami,” Dr. Leoni says, “and often camped in the Keys with my family when I was growing up. I don’t camp so much anymore, but I enjoy the beaches and museums here whenever I can.”

Dr. Enrique was drawn to the Keys for its tight-knit community. She “desired to be part of the family” in the Keys and at the office, appreciating how welcome patients and Dr. Diaz’s family made her feel. Islamorada Medical Center now offers new medical aesthetics services, which treat face, body, skin, and women’s wellness with state-of-the-art light laser and radiofrequency devices. Some of the many services include facial and body contouring, wrinkle reduction, urinary incontinence treatment, and scar, hair, and spider vein removal. 

“Even though patients may not see my face as much, I am still ever-present at Islamorada Medical Center,” Dr. Diaz says. “They will still see my hand in every treatment and service as I train and oversee the excellent team I have hand-picked to serve them.” With new doctors, new medical aesthetics services, medical assisted weight loss program, and a new clinic opening soon in Marathon, Islamorada Medical Center is a growing family as much as it is a growing practice. 

Contributed By: Jerrica Mah is a writer, Army wife, and freelance book editor, who loves to travel with her family.


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