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So many communities are riddled with stress and ruled by schedules, but the Keys community exemplifies balancing business and pleasure. The islands’ salty air and the blues of the ocean persuade people to take a deep breath and refocus on the beauty in their lives. It is that rejuvenating perspective that draws people to the Keys and leaves them wanting more.

Jorge Guerra, Jr. was introduced to the Keys lifestyle later than most South Floridians. Though he grew up within driving distance of the Keys, Jorge’s Cuban refugee parents were making the most of their newfound freedom by working tirelessly to build a strong foundation for their children to build upon.

Seeing the sacrifices their parents made, the Guerra kids knew that success was their only option. They would honor their parents’ hard work by remembering where they came from and pursuing all the advantages that were now at their fingertips. Jorge’s brother and sister became doctors, and Jorge was on track to do the same until he discovered a more suitable path to success for his natural skillset.

On a break from medical school, Jorge was working on a construction site with his father when he noticed the sales office. As he toiled in the heat and wiped dirt off his clothes, he couldn’t help but be enticed by the air-conditioned building. He and his father had planned on him wearing a lab coat, but Jorge began to wonder if a suit was a better fit.

Catching the boss leaving the sales office one day, Jorge asked how he could work his way up to sales. The boss was impressed by Jorge’s ambition and confidence and told him to come to work the next day wearing a suit and tie. By the end of the month, Jorge was the top salesman in the office, and by the end of the year, the top salesman in the company.

Jorge didn’t return to medical school and instead embraced the world of real estate sales. He was enamored with the potential the industry offered and used all of the ambition and strong work ethic his family instilled in him to plow forward.

Within a few short years, Jorge went from real estate agent to broker and opening his own brokerage. He launched Real Estate Sales Force in 2005 when most of his peers were in their sixties, and he was still in his early twenties.

Jorge brought a fresh perspective to the industry and realized it was no longer about curb appeal but web appeal. Jorge knew that if RESF tapped into the wide reach of the internet and embraced new technology, he and his agents would experience unparalleled success.
He committed RESF to make a video tour of every listing, bringing virtual home tours not only to their local market but also to worldwide clientele.

Jorge earned his success in business, but he didn’t forget the importance of family. While networking, he met Dinorah, an equally ambitious woman with a successful background in the publishing industry with Editorial Televisa as Publisher of ESPN De Portes La Revista. Falling in love with real estate, Dinorah joined Jorge in founding RESF. Her passion for empowering women in the industry led to her becoming the 2024 President of the Women’s Council of Realtors in Florida.

Being equally passionate about their jobs, Jorge and Dinorah grew RESF from Jorge’s apartment office to five offices in South Florida and the Keys. In 2016, they launched RESF Island Properties in Tavernier, now situated at 93997 Overseas Highway with direct ocean access.

The RESF Island Properties team consists of all locals. As Jorge emphasizes, local, experienced agents are essential in the Keys, as real estate transactions are far more complicated than in other regions. Unique home insurance, permitting, environmental laws, and vacation rental guidelines are just a few of the complexities local realtors must be fluent in to best serve their clients.

The local, experienced agents on the RESF Island Properties team include:

  • ●  The Lazcos Team, Frank & David
  • ●  The Born Team, BJ and Heather
  • ●  Ralph Sam
  • ●  Delana Fordham
  • ●  Daniel Rodriguez

    The Lascos Team are a father-and-son duo that spearheaded RESF Island Properties. With a wealth of knowledge gained over thirty years, Frank brings a seasoned perspective to the table. Meanwhile, David, drawing on his military background, adds a layer of precision and discipline to their approach, further enhancing the efficiency of their endeavors.

    The Borns, a mother-and-daughter-in-law team, were born to sell the Keys. Heather Born, a 2022 top lady angler, secured 2nd place with her team in the Skippers Dolphin tournament and is a proud member of the Pelagic Gear Pro Team. Heather not only catches, but she closes! She has been selling real estate in the Keys since 2007. BJ Born holds licenses in both Florida and North Carolina with three decades of experience owning and operating her own offices. Calling Key Largo home since 1993, BJ’s hobbies extend beyond the office, encompassing boating, diving, and underwater photography.

    Ralph Sam, a long-standing RESF member, seamlessly transitioned from the urban hustle in Miami to the coastal calm in the Keys. With a focus on waterfront homes and investment properties, Ralph’s legacy is one of expertise, personalized service, and a profound appreciation for the peace and beauty that define the Florida Keys.

    Delana Fordham began in the industry as a real estate investor. Originally from Kentucky, she relocated to Florida in 1999 and eventually settled in Key Largo. Delana collaborates with her construction-savvy husband to assist clients in purchasing, remodeling, and managing properties.

Daniel Rodriguez has been a native of Key Largo for over 20 years. He understands firsthand why people work so hard to move down to the Keys and prides himself on helping people achieve such dreams, whether as second-homers or permanent residents.

Whether working in teams or as individuals, every agent of RESF Island Properties is part of the RESF Team and supports each other accordingly. Plus, they all share a commitment to continued education, which is a defining feature of any RESF agent.

RESF prides itself on offering a mentorship program for new agents and ongoing training for all of their agents. This dedication to education is one of the main reasons RESF agents are so successful and why Jorge regularly speaks at high schools.

Jorge also launched RESF Cares, an internal task group led by his agents to give back to the community. Their 12 Months of Giving Campaign helps a different local charity every month with a hands-on approach, from helping to feed the homeless to pet adoptions to beach clean-ups and more.

The idea behind the 12 Months of Giving Campaign is not only to help many local charities but to also expose RESF agents to various missions. Ideally, agents will discover their personal passions and continue to volunteer individually with the charity that resonates with them. It’s another example of how Jorge successfully mixes business and pleasure.

If you’re a real estate agent in the Florida Keys seeking a supportive team environment, consider joining RESF Island Properties. Experience the difference of a team that values education, community engagement, and the balance between business and pleasure in the unique landscape of the Florida Keys.

RESF Island Properties invites fellow locals to explore the distinctive services they offer in the beautiful Florida Keys. If you’re a local and considering selling or buying in the Florida Keys, RESF will help find your SPOT in Paradise!

93997 Overseas Hwy, Tavernier, FL 33070
RESF Island Properties – (305) 440-2937

Jerrica Mah is a writer, Army wife, and freelance book editor, who loves to travel with her family.


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