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They say to succeed in business, you need to fill a need, but the question remains, which need? Allan Pope spent months researching the answer to that question, talking to countless residents and local businesses to determine what the community of Islamorada needed. The answer led him to launching Keys Life Magazine, a community resource that connects businesses with their clientele, benefiting both simultaneously. 

For more than a decade, Keys Life Magazine has promoted local businesses, spotlighted people in the community, and supported local organizations and events. Its path to success relies on helping others succeed while highlighting how wonderful the Keys community is– a concept that is shared by the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce.

Allan Pope has been an ongoing member of the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce since he first launched the magazine in 2012. He recognized that Keys Life Magazine and the Islamorada Chamber held similar values.

“The Chamber gives all business owners access to relationships and resources to efficiently market their business and products,” Allan explains. “It’s an organization by business owners for business owners, which leads to success for all.”

Allan has experienced first-hand how the Islamorada Chamber makes a difference for local businesses. “Judy and her team have done a remarkable job supporting Keys Life Magazine and continue to help us make business connections in the community. I want to be part of that team to help do the same.”  

Allan has always been actively involved in the Islamorada Chamber, participating in meetings and sponsoring several of the events the Chamber holds each year for the community. Now, he wants to take his decade-long membership to the next level as a candidate for the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

“As a Coral Shores graduate, full-time resident, and business owner based in Islamorada, I feel strongly about the community I call home. The local businesses are a vital part of our infrastructure, and it is important that we as a community support them,” Allan explains. “As a Chamber Board member, I can further provide that support.”

Allan also understands the importance of protecting the Keys’ beauty and its tight-knit community as its economy grows. As a military kid, Allan moved often, and it wasn’t until his family was stationed in the Keys that he felt truly at home in a community. He wants to see his community prosper while maintaining its small-town connectedness. 

“Moving a lot as a military kid gave me a unique perspective of how special the Keys community is with its unwavering support of one another. We are a community that comes together in times of need, and we do a great job of supporting local businesses and choosing to do business locally rather than outside the area,” Allan says. “I want to continue to relay this message so it becomes second nature to everyone to support the business of your friends and neighbors.” Allan relays this message with every issue of Keys Life Magazine, but he also hopes to relay it as a board member of the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce.

“Keys Life Magazine wouldn’t be what it is today without the support of our community and fellow businesses. I hope to become a Chamber board member so I can pay it forward and do my part to help businesses and our community prosper while remaining community-minded and environmentally responsible.” 

The Islamorada Chamber of Commerce strongly urges its members to participate in the 2023-2024 Board of Directors election. All regular members in good standing can cast their vote for up to seven of the ten candidates, among which is Allan Pope. All ballots must be postmarked or hand-delivered to the Chamber office no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, September 19th.

–  Jerrica Mah is a writer, Army wife, and freelance book editor, who loves to travel with her family.


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