Keys Life Marketing Document


Advertisement Order and Contract

Between "Advertiser/Client" and Keys Life Magazine (KLM)

Advertiser/Client Acknowledges: The request for initials are for your benefit only. By signing the bottom of this contract, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined below.

1. Deadline & Artwork

All ad changes must be submitted by the 15th of each month. It is the client's responsibility to contact KLM for any and all changes to ad. No copy changes are permitted after the proof has been approved by advertiser. If client does not submit ad changes by the 18th, KLM will run the ad from the previous month. All ads and artwork created by KLM for advertisement in KLM belong to KLM and cannot be used for any other purposes without the written consent of KLM.

2. Automatic Renewal

The clients' contract to advertise in KLM will automatically renew on the 10th of each month, unless KLM is notified in writing that the client wishes to discontinue advertising.

3. Cancellation Policy

There is not a cancellation policy. The client must fulfill the terms of the original contract agreement. Failure to fulfill the terms of the contract will result in late charges and legal fees, in addition to the original terms of the agreed upon contract.

4. Clients & Ads

All clients and/or ads are subject to approval by KLM. The color content of each advertisement is subject to variances. The client named authorizes and gives permission to distribute the above specified advertisement. The client further agrees to honor each recipient of the advertisement the offers as specified on the proof. In the event of an error or omission on the ad, KLM or any affiliates shall not be responsible for more than actual amount paid for the ad.


5. Time-line Disclosure

KLM shall not be liable for failure to print or direct mail the magazine if the failure is caused by labor disputes, strikes, war, fire, equipment failure, accident, material shortage or any act of God. In such case KLM may exceed the time for completion of agreement.


6. KLM Pricing

KLM will not raise your advertising rates as long as you continue your ad consecutively each month, without interruption. If you discontinue your advertising for any reason, when you return, the rate will change to the rate displayed in the most current rate sheet.


7. Payment Due Date & Late Fees

Display ads are paid monthly, business card ads are paid quarterly and Advertorials are paid at time of contract signing. Invoices will be emailed to the client on or about the 5th of each month with a due date of the 15th of the same month. All accounts are due no later than the 20th of each month. Any accounts not paid by the 20th will incur a $15.00 late fee for each month in arrears. All checks made payable to Keys Life Magazine. Advertiser may authorize payment via credit card by completing and signing below NO CASH ACCEPTED.


Accounts Receivable:

I authorize Keys Life Magazine (CLEEP Inc) to keep my signature on file and to automatically charge all recurring advertising costs as indicated on this contract to the credit card listed below. All advertising charges will be initiated by the 15th of the month. In addition, I can extend this authorization to any and all services provided by Keys Life Magazine upon my written approval. This authorization can be canceled with 30 days notice sent via email or mailed to the contact information on this contract.

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